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At Judy LaDeur International, we’re proud to bring only the highest standards of training, coaching and resources to our clients and industry.  With a wide spectrum of experience, tools, systems and solutions – you’ll find everything you need to recruit the real estate agents you want and build an organization that grows how you want it, when you want it — with the fewest headaches and “surprises.”


Recruiters Workshop & Networking Event with Judy LaDeur

This exceptional event is for those who are serious about developing their interview skills. The class is limited to an intimate group of real estate leaders and recruiting professionals and is conducted face-to-face with industry experts Judy LaDeur and Kathy Baker in a retreat atmosphere. Powerful.  Results producing.  Everything you need to build the organization of your dreams.

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The Professional Recruiting Course

Five Sessions – Ten Weeks – Spaced Learning

In The Professional Recruiting Course, participating brokers and managers go through a series of five progressive workshops designed to teach them:

  1. How to set up strong prospecting systems,
  2. Develop strong interview and closing skills,
  3. Build agent loyalty and improve retention and
  4. The latest defensive strategies in recruiting warfare

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Prospects Plus offers 500 marketing pieces in 15 minutes.

It includes listing tool, flyers, brochures, postcards and personal ads.

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