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Judy LaDeur

Judy LaDeur began her real estate career in 1975. In 1981 after a successful sales career, Judy joined the management team, where she developed her own recruiting and training systems.

As a consultant and trainer to the real estate industry, Judy has helped many companies dramatically increase their market position in just one year. Judy conducts her workshops with proven systems, techniques and “how to” information guaranteed to make a difference in your office.  Click on Judy’s bio below to learn more!

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Yevette JessenIMG_0005 (1)

Yevette Jessen is a coach who has experienced all aspects of the real estate business. Her
career began in 1978 as an office administrator and company controller, giving her the skills to help agents and brokers understand what is needed to be “profitable”. Yevette then entered the world of salesperson, quickly rising to the top as on the top agents on the team for each year that she was in sales. She approached sales as problem solving, not selling.

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A Partnership

The Covenant Coaching™ program for real estate brokers is a distinctive form of coaching designed specifically for real estate brokers, managers and recruiters. The program is based on a covenant, or promise, to deliver the finest coaching in the real estate industry. My goal is for you to realize incredible success by achieving both your personal and business goals.

What sets Covenant Coaching™  apart is the experience what your coach brings to the table. Covenant Coaching ™ provides accountability, as well as training and direction.  The Covenant Coaching™ Program is Committed to Excellence and Proven with Results!™

There are five elements in each of your coaching sessions: accountability, training, direction, problem-solving and specific assignments to ensure that you hit your goals. Since your coach is actively involved in the industry,  we don’t just tell you to do more, but actually show you how to do more, while supplying the necessary tools.

Why Does It Work?

  • Your coach is your partner, committed to sharing your vision, while determining the plan of action to reach your desired goals.
  • Your coach also holds you accountable to the specific activities necessary to  achieve the results you desire and deserve.
  • Your coach provides you with specific dialogues, strategies and techniques that have helped thousands of agents, brokers and recruiters achieve incredible success.
  • Your coach, a proven producer, has worked with buyers and sellers just as you do, so they know exactly what you are facing on a daily basis.
  • Your coach is trained to help you break through barriers and obstacles currently blocking your progress,  which allows you to achieve unlimited success.

Should You Hire A Coach?

  • Are you reaching your personal and professional goals?
  • Is your income increasing by at least 20% per year?
  • Are you in control of your business?
  • Do you take at least 4 weeks of vacation each year?
  • Are you building wealth for your retirement?
  • Is your personal life and business life in balance?
  • Are you earning what you are worth and what you want?
  • Are you building your business to sell it?

Most brokers today answer “No” to at least one of the above. Here’s the most important question. Are you willing to allow even one area of your life to be out of balance and unresolved? For those enrolled in our program, their answer was “No!”  Take the first step toward living the life of your dreams, today!

Brokers & Recruiters

Your membership in the Covenant Coaching Program™ for brokers and recruiters includes the following support tools:

  • Specific Dialogue to secure interviews with experienced agents
  • Questions to ask new and experienced agents
  • Sample Recruiter Checklist
  • Behavior profiles to use when hiring new agents
  • Free downloads from our recruiting web site
  • Hire 4-6 new agents per month with our “New Agent Program”
  • A coaching manual to enhance your learning experience
  • Discounts on all products
  • Recruiting CDs to reinforce your skills
  • Follow-up e-mails after each call
  • Marketing strategies designed to position you in the marketplace with the agents that you want to recruit
  • Complimentary monthly E-Newsletters with articles from Judy LaDeur and other top speakers and coaches throughout the country
  • Reduced admission to our Business Building Symposium ™

Forum & Calls

The Covenant Forum© is a live tele-conference provided for our coaching clients. Each month one call is scheduled for brokers/recruiters and one for agents. Topics are intentionally designed and developed to meet your needs in an ever-changing real estate industry. You will have the opportunity to network and interact with other participants that are on that call.

Each month you’ll talk one-on-one with your certified Covenant Coach™.  The number of calls each month and the length of each call is specific to the program that you choose and is defined in the enrollment application.

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