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Systems That Keep You Positioned Face-to-Face with the Agents You Want

Time: 90 minutes (can be expanded up to 3 hours)

Recruiting experienced agents is still one of the greatest challenges of most brokers today. Having a strong foundation is one of the most important elements of your recruiting plan.

This presentation covers all the basics that any broker needs to know if they are serious about recruiting. Judy’s humorous perspective on recruiting experienced agents clearly demonstrates that she has “been there and done it”. Guaranteed to get you excited about recruiting.

  • How to find the right agents and how to create marketing materials that they enjoy receiving
  • Specific dialog to get face-to face with the agents you want
  • Systems that help you set 3 interviews per week, and hire 2-4 agents per month
  • How to use your competitors vulnerability to recruit their agents
  • Statistics that will show you why tracking new agents is critical to your long term success, and the systems to show you how to track the ones who are on track to be tomorrows top producers
  • Tips and techniques that keep you from getting frustrated with the recruiting process
  • Specific systems designed for small markets or “boutique” markets
  • Systems that let you know when they are ready to move.

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