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“Yevette’s coaching has turned my business around.  Before, I was floating from task-to-task and not focusing on what I needed to get done to grow my business. Like a lot of newer agents, I was spinning my wheels but not going anywhere. My last brokerage had a big two-week training seminar and then sent you out on your own. Yevette stresses one-on-one coaching, and I really feel like I’m an important part of her team instead of another cog in the machine. Yevette’s coaching helps agents work smarter, and most importantly is tailored to the agent individually, which I think is the most important distinction. No two agents work, think, or act the same, so why should their training be the same?”  – Kristin Miller

“When Yevette first mentioned “coaching,” my stomach did a flip-flop. The words “Real Estate Coach” conjured up visions of pushy salesmen, fire-breathing calls from Tom Ferry, cold calling, scripts, door knocking, lead generating marathons, club joining and all the other things I’ve had shoved down my throat for 20+ years.  Coaching?  No thanks.

But, guess what?  Coaching sessions with Yevette aren’t at all what I thought they’d be.  They’re actually about me and helping me develop the things I do best and enjoy doing.  They’re about turning the real estate business into something I enjoy doing.  They’re fun, helpful and something I look forward to every week.

Think of it as a real estate garden with you being the gardener and Yevette being the horticulture expert.  She helps you decide what to plant, how to keep the weeds down, what kind of fertilizer works best and how to get a great crop of tomatoes in spite of a drought. It’s all about you, your growth and pushing through the things that get in the way of a bountiful harvest.  If you want to grow a better real estate garden, call Yevette.” – Larraine Shape

“I am approaching my 11th year of being a full time Realtor with a dual license in Ohio and Kentucky. Yevette Jessen has been my Broker, Manager and Mentor for the past 4 years.  I feel strongly that with her support, guidance, and business coaching that my business has improved dramatically.  I am much more efficient, I work with a purpose and love that she makes me accountable for my business plan.” –  Amy Barkett

“I have found my coaching with Yevette Jessen to be extremely valuable. As a coach, she is knowledgeable, focused, goal oriented and committed to those she coaches. She is confident, yet compassionate as she encourages me to continually implement systems which have helped streamline my business. Yevette’s assessment skills are on point and her foresight is keenly sharp. Yevette’s energy is contagious and her insight and knowledge has been and will continue to be a direct benefit to my success!” – Shifali Rouse

“Yevette helped me build my business in a way that not only affected me but all the new members of my team as well.  She helped me recruit quality talent and work through strategies to build and maintain those relationships. Our real estate team keeps growing and she has helped to make that process a smooth one.  Without a helpful manager/broker/coach I wouldn’t have the team I have today.  We increased sales from $18m to $29m in only two years.  I would highly recommend Yevette.” – Derek Tye